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A walk around Winchelsea

At the end of the Royal Military Canal footpath, you will get to a final gate and stile. Climb over the stile into Sea Road. Winchelsea Beach is to the right. You should turn left towards the junction with the A259. You will see a garage on the other side of the road. It is probably safer to cross the road to the other side at this point, as there is a pavement all the way back to Winchelsea on that side. Passing The Bridge Inn on the right (a chance to stop for refreshments) and Strand Guest House (B&B) on the other side of the road, you will come to be bottom of Stand Hill. Cross over the road to the bottom of Strand Hill. This leads up to the Strand Gate and the Look Out.

Walk back into Winchelsea

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5 Strand Hill

Strand Hill from the Canal
A view of Strand Hill

Strand Gate from the North
Strand Gate from the North