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Local walks

A walk within Winchelsea

  1. High Street (Look Out, Tower Cottage).
  2. Strand Hill (Strand Gate).
  3. Barrack Square, Spring Steps (Barrack Houses, Queen Elizabeth’s Spring).
  4. Rookery Lane, Back Lane (Glebe).
  5. Friars Road (Little House, Greyfriars).
  6. St Thomas’s Street (Church of St Thomas the Martyr).
  7. High Street (Firebrand, Periteau House, Little Shop).
  8. Castle Street (Town Well, Armoury, Old Castle House, Salutation Cottages, Chelsea Cottage, King’s Leap).
  9. North Street (Pipewell Gate).
  10. School Hill, Mill Road, Mill Lane (Black Friars monastery site, St Leonard’s Windmill site, Castle Field).
  11. Rectory Lane, Hiham Gardens (Blackfriars Barn, New Inn, Court Hall, Museum).

A walk around Winchelsea

  1. German Street (Millennium town sign, Wesley's tree).
  2. Monks Walk (Mariteau House, Trojans Plat, public toilets, Greyfriars parkland).
  3. Public footpath across the fields or Wickham Rock Lane (St Johns Hospital wall, New Gate, Wickham Manor Farm).
  4. Wickham Rock Lane, Royal Military Canal.
  5. Sea Road, Strand, Strand Hill (Bridge Inn, Strand Guest House, Strand Gate).

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Download a walk within Winchelsea

You can download a copy of the "A walk within Winchelsea" (see opposite) to bring with you when you visit. You might also want to download a copy of the Town Map. Do let us know if they helped.

Walk 1--- A walk within Winchelsea

From the Look Out by the Strand Gate...

Look Out

...via the Church of St Thomas...

St Thomas's Church the ancient Court Hall.

Court Hall

Walk 2 --- A walk around Winchelsea

From the Town Sign...

Town Sign

... around the eastern side of Winchelsea in open countryside along the Royal Military Canal...

Royal Military Canal

...and back to the Strand Gate.

Strand Gate


Footpaths around Winchelsea

There are a number of footpaths through open countryside around Winchelsea. These are shown on the attached map. Most of the footpaths cross land that is grazed by animals. Much of this land is owned by the National Trust. They have issued guidance to walkers about crossing fields being grazed by livestock. Please read this guidance, which is particularly pertinent when the animals have young.

The County Council provide an online interactive map of rights of way across the county.The map covers the whole county. It lets you zoom into any area to show the footpaths, bridleways and byways in that location. You can also find out if there are any stiles, gates or bridges on the paths. The map can be searched by place, road name or grid reference. You can move around the map, show rights of way superimposed on an aerial photo, or get more information, such as path name and number, by clicking on a path or symbol when fully zoomed in.

There is a Rights of Way Group in Winchelsea that assists the County Council in monitoring and maintaining local footpaths.