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Winchelsea neighbourhood watch

Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch

Calling the police

In an emergency, particularly if you see a crime in progress, call 999. Do not be scared: the police call centre will assess the urgency of your call.

For matters that are not an emergency but still urgent --- such as reporting a crime that has taken place, or suspicious activity or persons --- you should call the new contact number 101 or you can e-mail

If you have information about a crime that you wish to give anonymously, call 0800-555111. Calls will not be traced.

If you are the victim of anti-social behaviour, call 01424-4567156.

If you are still not sure what to do, talk to your local Neighbourhood Watch street co-ordinator or call the Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator on 01797 224446. Other useful contacts are:

  • Sussex Police on 01273-470101
  • Crime Prevention Office on 0845-6070-999 extension 64215
  • for advice about crime prevention

Crime in Winchelsea

Winchelsea is fortunate in not suffering from a chronic crime problem. The purpose of the village's Neighbourhood Watch is therefore to try to prevent occasional burglaries and car break-ins by encouraging residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activities or persons to the police, and to maintain a network of co-ordinators which can be called into action in the event of a serious incident or emergency.

How the NBW is organised in Winchelsea

Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch tries to ensure that there is a co-ordinator in each street and, in longer streets, one co-ordinator in block. Each co-ordinator is part of a telephone tree, which allows messages to be passed quickly around the village. It is then up to each co-ordinator to contact his or her neighbours to pass on information. Each co-ordinator also has a deputy, who can stand in for the co-ordinator if the latter is absent.

The name of the co-ordinator and his/her deputy for your street has been circulated to each house. If your street does not yet have a co-ordinator, please consider taking on the role. Otherwise, you and your neighbours will be out in the cold. Remember, Neighbourhood Watch is about a community helping itself. To volunteer as a street co-ordinator, contact Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch on 224446 or talk to any of the existing street co-ordinators.

The police

Winchelsea is part of Area ER3 within the East Sussex Division. The area includes Camber, East Guldeford, Icklesham, Iden, Playden, Rye, Rye Foreign, Rye Harbour and Winchelsea Beach. The District Commander is Inspector Katy Woolford, who can be contacted on

The address of Rye Police Station is at:

Cinque Port Street
TN31 7AN
please note that this number is for local matters only, not reporting crimes.

The Rye police station is open from 10:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Friday. but is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The Rye Neighbourhood Police Team sergeant is:

Warren Downs 01273-470101 or 07867-908314 or

The Neighbourhood PC for Winchelsea is:

Paul Fielder 01273-470101 or 07787-685690 or

Higher police visibility has been achieved through the use of auxiliary officers called Police Community Support Officers. To contact him, call:

Andrew Smith 01273-470101 or 07990-704108 or



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Stopping lead thefts in Winchelsea

This has been a problem. Lead was stripped from the vestry roof and houses were attacked. In response, Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch has purchased a pot of SelectaDNA, which is a water-based adhesive containing hundreds of tiny pinhead-sized microdots, just visible to the naked eye. The microdots are marked with synthetic DNA that is manufactured to provide a unique code. The police can read unique customer and database phone numbers on the microdots under a microscope and contact SelectaDNA, who can reveal the identity of the customer. This allows any stolen material marked with SelectaDNA to be traced to a location. Moreover, a thief who touches marked material will himself be marked by the adhesive, which is impossible to clean off. Traces of the adhesive can be detected by UV light, which police routinely use to scan suspects.

The purchase of SelectaDNA has been funded by contributions from residents and a grant of £250 from the Police Property Fund which was secured by Rye Police.

Deter mobile phone theft

You can help deter this growing type of crime and recover a stolen mobile phone by registering it on the UK National Property Register at The thief will not be able to use the phone on either the existing or a new network.

New police contact number

If you need to contact Sussex Police for anything other than an emergency (eg reporting suspicious behaviour or a crime that has already taken place), instead of calling 0845-6070-999, you must now use 101.

Check crime statistics street by street

Check out this new database on

Does lighting reduce crime?

Read some of the growing body of evidence that suggests lighting can in fact increase crime.

Do you have your Help Card?

Each household in the Neighbourhood Watch area of Winchelsea should have a Help Card. This is intended to encourage residents to report crimes or suspicious activities by explaining what to do in such an event. There is also a list of useful local telephone numbers on the back, including the police and other emergency services; and a space for you to write down the name and telephone number of someone who can be contacted if you are in difficulty. There are also spaces on the Help Card for the names and telephone numbers of your Neighbourhood Watch street co-ordinator and deputy. The Card should be kept close to the telephone.
The Help Card was designed by Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch, with the advice of the local Neighbourhood Police Team and the Rother District Crime Reduction Officer. Funding was raised from the Rother Community Safety Fund and the Parish Council, as well as the Bridge Inn, Nathan at the Little Shop, The Lodge at Winchelsea, the New Inn, Strand House and JC Leisure Motorhomes, to all of whom we offer our thanks.
If you do not have a Help Card, call the Neighbourhood Watch via the Winchelsea Community Answerphone on 01797 224446.