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Rother District Council

Winchelsea is within Rother District within the District electoral ward of Eastern Rother (which includes Rye). Eastern Rother is represented by two District Councillors, Paul Osborne (Conservative)and Nick Ramus (Conservative), who were elected in May 2011. Paul Osborne has been in office since May 2003 and Nick Ramus since May 1995.

In total, there are 20 wards in Rother Districts represented by 38 District Councillors:

  • Conservative 27 (28 in 2007, 26 in 2003)
  • Liberal Democrats 5 (8, 6)
  • Labour 2 (0, 1)
  • Independents 4 (2, 5)

Turnout was 48.23%. Elections are held every four years: the next will be in May 2015.

Rother District consists of 32 parishes. It excludes Hastings and St Leonards, but includes Bexhill. However, Bexhill is not a parish or town, but is directly administered by the District Council. Some residents of the rural parishes in Rother District, especially Rye, argue that this arrangement favours Bexhill at the expense of the rural parishes and are pressing for Bexhill to be parished.

Responsibilities of the District Council

The District Council is headquartered in Bexhill. Among other things, it is responsible for:

  • Planning, building control, conservation, tree preservation
  • Recycling bins and refusal collection
  • Public toilets
  • Sports and arts
  • Tourism
  • Electoral register
  • Public health
  • Council Tax collection

Contacting the District Council

To contact the District Council, call 01424-787878 or e-mail For particular issues, you can ‘phone some departments directly:

  • abandoned vehicles 01424-787508
  • animal wardens (District Council partner) 0845-606-6928
  • building control 01424-787680
  • bus passes 01424-787999
  • complaints & comments 01424-787830
  • conservation 01424-787630
  • dangerous structures 01424-787671
  • dog control 01424-787545 (see animal wardens above)
  • dog fouling 01424-787527
  • elections & voting 01424-787825 
  • environmental health 01424-787550
  • food hygiene, health and safety 01424-787538
  • fly-tipping 01424-787570
  • general fault line
  • information helpline 0800-393964
  • land searches 01424-787820
  • licensing 01424-787557
  • noise nuisance 01424-787550
  • pest control 01424-787545
  • planning 01424-787600
  • planning enforcement 01424-787620
  • pollution control 01424-787557
  • refuse collection, litter, street cleaning 01424-787580
  • tree preservation 01424-787631
  • vandalism & graffiti hotline 0800-7318774

The District Council website is This shows planning applications (which are also available on and allows you to make comments on applications online.

The District Council's Customer Care standards aim for 100% of letters and faxes to have a full response in 10 working days, for 90% of e-mails to have an initial response in one working day and a full response in five working days, and 90% of telephone calls to be answered within 15 seconds.

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For information about refuse and recycling collections.

Report a fault to the District Council.

Councillor Paul Osborne can be contacted at:
Phone: 01797-222415

Councillor Nick Ramus can be contacted at:
Peasmarsh Road
TN31 7UN
Phone: 01797-223088

Contact the Leader of the Council
Contact the Chief Executive of the Council