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East Sussex County Council

Winchelsea is in the County of East Sussex within the County electoral ward of Rye & Eastern Rother (formerly Rye & Winchelsea). The ward had 6,895 voters at the last election. It has been represented since June 2001 by County Councillor Keith Glazier (Conservative). The 2013 election results were:

  • Conservative 963 (36.1%) [2009 = 1,572 (52.8%); 2005 = 2,182 (46%)]
  • Liberal Democrats 171 (6.4%) [2009 = 1,000 (33.6%); 2005 = 1,253 (26.4%)]
  • Labour 647 (24.3%) [2009 = 407 (13.7%); 2005 = 1,304 (27.5%)]
  • UKIP 884 (33.2%) 
  • Turnout 36.0% [2009 = 42.0%; 2005 = 68.7%]

East Sussex is divided into five Districts and Boroughs (Brighton is located in the county but is a city and therefore independent). In total, there are 49 County Councillors:

  • Conservative 20 (down from 29)
  • Liberal Democrats 10 (down from 13)
  • Labour 7 (up from 4)
  • Independent 5 (up from 3) 
  • UKIP 7

County Council elections are held every four years: the next will be in May 2017.

Responsibilities of the County Council

The East Sussex County Council is headquartered in Lewes, which is rather remote from Winchelsea, although some departments have offices elsewhere in the county. The County Council is responsible for:

  • Non-trunk roads
  • Pavements
  • Footpaths and rights of way
  • Mobile library
  • Education
  • Household waste recycling sites (tips) at Pebsham and Mountfield

Note that not all roads are the responsibility of the County Council:

  • The A259(T) —- which includes the Strand, Tanyard Lane, Ferry Hill, Rectory Lane and Sandrock Hill —- is not the responsibility of the County Council. This road and 10 metres of land either side of it is the responsibility of the Highways Agency, which is an agency of the Department of Transport. The Highways Agency in turn employs an agent called InterRoute, which can make it difficult to get through to the right person.
  • The C298, which runs through the Town —- and includes Strand Hill, the High Street, German Street and Monks Walk —- is the responsibility of the Highways Authority, which is a department of East Sussex County Council. They are also responsible for all the side roads in Winchelsea and the verges. To contact the Highways Authority, call 0345-6080-193.

Contacting the County Council

To contact the County Council, phone 01273-481000. For particular issues, you can phone some departments directly:

It is worth looking at the County Council website on

Top | Parish Council | District Council | Town Meeting

Report a fault to the County Council.

Councillor Keith Glazier can be contacted at:
Point Farm
New Lydd Road
TN31 7QS
Phone: 01797-229581

Mobile Library service
This is a very important service provided by the County Council. The library visits Winchelsea on Wednesday once a fortnight. It parks in Castle Street from 2:25pm to 3:00pm. The library stocks a wide range of books, talking books and videos. The staff are always very pleasant. It is important that residents use the mobile library: the County Council has considered cutting the service. The dates of the mobile library’s visits are included in the monthly Town Diary published in the Winchelsea Flyer, and also posted on the parish noticeboard and in the Town Diary on this website.

Mobile Library