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Getting a licence for your event

Under the Licensing Act 2003, if you wish to hold an event that involves public entertainment and/or the sale of alcohol, the premises in which you plan to hold the event must have a premises licence and the event must be supervised by someone with a personal licence.

The New Hall has had a premises licence since April 2008, so you do not need a TEN. The Hall adds a charge of £16 for the licence to the cost of hire.

The Church has had a premise licence since 2010. The cost is included in the hire charge.

If the premises are unlicensed, then you can get a one-off licence by serving two copies of a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), at least 10 working days before the event (but they prefer 3-12 months of notice), on the District Council at:

Rother District Council
Licensing Section
14 Beeching Road
TN39 3LG

The TEN must be accompanied by a fee of £21. A third copy of the TEN must be sent directly to the police at:

Senlac Licensing Division
Hastings Police Station
Bohemia Road
TN34 1JJ

Provided the police do not object to your event within 48 hours of receiving a copy of the TEN --- and they can only object on specific crime prevention grounds --- then you can go ahead.

Blank TEN forms can be downloaded here in PDF (41 KB).

TENs are available only for events with less than 500 people and lasting no more than 96 hours, but one location cannot be licensed for more than a total of 15 days in a year. TENs can be served for events indoors or outdoors (eg the Cricket Field).

Organisers of events can apply for up to 12 TENs per year for any one location. That means that some locations are only available for events that involve public entertainment and/or the sale of alcohol on 12 occasions a year! An individual is limited to five TENs a year (at any location or locations), unless he holds a personal licence, in which, he can serve up to 50 TENs a year.

If your event is a public entertainment only (ie no alcohol on sale) and is to be held in a community building, Rother District Council will waive the fee of £21.

Do not think you can get around the need for a TEN by including the cost of alcohol in the entrance price. If you charge for an event and supply alcohol in any way, you will be deemed to be selling the alcohol.

An advice sheet on TENs can be downloaded in PDF (69KB). Further information is available from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Or you can contact Richard Hoyland at the District Council on 01424-787553 or by e-mailing

To find out how many TENs have been issued for a building, check the online list published by the District Council.